2.0 Hotrod Racing Holland



Pictures from Raceway Ter Apel (NL), "De Polderputten"






De Polderputten in the 70's


Circuit Entry


Overview from bar looking on the Short Oval


Track while Dutch Open Speedweekend


All flags are handled perfectly


Ter Apel, home of the Dutch Open 2.0 Hotrods



The Short Oval of Raceway Venray which is surrounded by a banked 1/2 Mile Oval

Raceway Venray, Peelweg 47, 5813 AD Ysselsteyn (NL) WEB : www.racewayvenray.com



Midland Raceway Lelystad, Talingweg 89, 8218 NX Lelystad (NL)  WEB : www.autospeedway.org



Jaba Circuit Posterholt,Akerstraat 18, 6105 Maria Hoop (NL),  WEB : www.pac2002.nl