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William Hardie sweeps in Holland


The great Dutch Speedweekend has been good to William Hardie #72. After winning the British Championship and the Scottish Open on his home track at Lochgelly Raceway in June, he was the man to beat in July too. By winning the National Championship in Ipswich he became one of the main contenders for the trophies in Holland. He scored a heat win in the qualifying which put him on P2 on the grid alongside Paul Wright #43 who managed to grab a win too. The third heat was won by Christiaan Smidt #84.







On Race Sunday two qualifying heats determined the grid for the Dutch Open 2017. The first was won by Gavin Botfield #303, the second by Gordon Alexander #71.



The line up saw newly crowned European Champion William Hardie #72 on Pole with Dave Leech #928 next to him. They were followed by Gavin Botfield #303, Martijn Vowinkel #22, Christiaan Smidt #84 and Martin Codling #30. William rushed in front and made it a Start-to Finish victory with runner up Dave Leech and Gavin Botfield.


With his son Charlie doing a superb job in Ninja karts too, Team Hardie has left some footprint in Holland.





NNO Ter Apel would like to thank all Drivers, Teams and Fans joining our Speedweekend and of course Spedeworth Motorsports for this opportunity.


Full results to follow.


NNO Ter Apel presents our partners for Speedweekend 2017!




What you can expect :


+ "RD Recycling & Houtdrogerij Friesland" European Championship 2.0 Hotrod
+ "Teuben Logistics" EuroMaster of National Hotrod
+ "Emming Motorentechniek" 2.0 Hotrod Dutch Open
+  Ninja Karts
+  Saloon Stockcars (sunday only)

+  5th round of the Int. Dutch Ovalracing Championship




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Who's in the grid?




#9 Rene Zurhausen (GER), has been racing in Super Rods at Ter Apel Raceway. Being am member of Gambler Racing at Spedeworth Spedeweekend 2017 he now brings his own car, the Nova from 2016 Continental Champion Mario Baer #291. His third 2litre meeting will be racing with the big boys!


#22 Martijn Vowinkel (NL) is only taking part in selected meetings this year. He accompanies his son Jorden with his start in Ovalracing. Unless not visiting every meeting, he is ranked 8th in the points Championship. When he is attending he is always to find near the front. Martijn has become the Continental Points Champion 2014+2015 and was the best Continental driver in the Dutch Open 2016, ending fifth.


#26 Jock Campbell (SCO) is making the journey from Scotland to participate in this years's Speedweekend. At the moment he is ranked 9th in the track Championship at Lochgelly Raceway.




#30 Martin Codling (ENG) is racing 2litre's for a couple of years by now. He is using the body of Suzuki Baleno which is not seen a lot. In 2015 he changed the paint scheme into a very modern looking one.



#33 Richard Gerrits (NL) has made his debut to 2.0 Hotrods this year by using the second car from Gerton Boes #333. He has been racing in the BMW 325i Cup before but suffered bad luck as being collected in the "Big One" in June. The repaired car returns now for the first time with Richard more than happy to have made it here.


#35 Mitch Souter (ENG) will bring his absolutely beautiful lookin' Saxo to Holland. The car has been one of the highlights at the NEC in January this year. He has been performing very good while the last meeting in Eastbourne which will provide momentum for the coming weekend.


#43 Paul Wright (ENG) is always a contender to see the chequered as first when he shows up to a meeting. He is a heat winner at Ter Apel when using his brilliant looking Nova then. Paul has won many major titles but the World and Eurpean did not come to him so far. This year he did not compete in the World Final  but prepared his car for the meeting in Holland. Keep an eye on his stunning white and blue 106 car.




#45 Sascha Baer (GER) is ranked fifth in the standings right now, by scoring steady all year. The Clio he is using is the former car of Christian Baer #351. After ending 15th in the Dutch Open 2016 he will be trying to improve this time in his third NNO Speedweekend.


#51 Niklas Klaka (GER), the son of former National Hot Rod Star Thorsten Klaka (†), has started his career in Karts before joining Ovalracing and dominating the Ministox at Ter Apel Raceway. He has always been a fan of the 2litre's as watching them race at Foxhall. As German driver Juergen Schmidt #4 offered his car for sale, family and friends of Niklas purchased the UK built Saxo and gave him a great makeover. This season, Niklas is collecting points nicely. The red top is the leading the points table on the Continent before this Weekend!


#57 Ronald van der Linden (NL) is having a great season so far. In June he ended up top by scoring the most points all day in Lelystad which moved him up in the standings. At the moment he is ranked fourth in the points Championship being the best Dutch driver. Roland has already participated twice in Foxhall with the Spedeweekend 2016+2017.




#66 Martin Heath (ENG) from Burton-upon-Trent, located north of Birmingham, made his first appearance to Ter Apel Raceway last year to compete in the Dutch Open 2016. In July he gave South African driver Marnus Du Plessis the chance to use his Peugeot 206 at the Ipswich Spedeweekend. Half a year before, he already had decided to go for ultimate 2litre tool at the moment, a Peugeot 106. A new chassis was built by Spedeworth Fabrications with Tim Barnes fitting an all new body onto the car afterwards. Martin, who had finished 18th in the Dutch Open last year is now preparing his new car to compete in Holland once again. The 106 will probably be one of the Highlights while the Great Dutch Speedweekend at Ter Apel Raceway with the European Championship of 2.0 Hot Rods as a climax. Martin, being the director of Mtec Freight Services Ltd, will use the chance to leave the bad luck in the Dutch Open 2016 behind when being spun out in the early laps under slippery conditions. 


#71 Gordon Alexander (SCO) is reigning Champion of the World in 2.0 Hot Rods. Gordon kept runner up Dave Leech #928 and Wayne Woolsey #950 behind him to become the first ever 2.0 Hot Rod driver from Scotland to win the World title. We are delighted to see the Golden Roof in September at Ter Apel Raceway. Gordon has been racing at "De Polderputten" before and is propably one of the most watched contenders for the European to make it a Double this year.


#72 William Hardie (SCO) is reigning National Champion in 2.0 Hotrods showing an impressive run when winning the trophy in July. A good season for him so far, as he could win the British Championship on his home track, Lochgelly Raceway too. By running one of the fastest 106's at the moment, it will be fascinating to see if he can adapt his car to the Dutch Paperclip as well.





#83 Aukie Heinhuis (NL) is an experienced ovalracing ace. His adventure travel in 2.0 Hotrods may have just begun but with the former car of Gerton Boes #333 he is using a winner's car!


#84 Christiaan Smidt (NL) is a part of the racing family Smidt based in Nijmegen. After some very promising results in Brisca F2, decided to join the uprising 2litre's this year. Team Smidt is running the #83, #84 and #391 cars this year. Christiaan's Saxo is propably the best car on the Continent at the moment and was built by Dan Smith #565 to win the 2016 World Final at Foxhall.


#92 Roland Sudniks (GER) did not have a good handling car last year. Over the winter, problems got sorted out and so he has been a heat winner a couple of times recently and scored the most points at the Posterholt meeting in July. This will give the former National Hotrod driver enough confidence to race for a good result this time too.





#93 Klaus Kilianski (GER) has always been a fan of RHD cars. Coming from National Hotrods, he returned with a smile when the announcenment was made that the introduction of the 2litre cars was a fct. His Corsa-B is one of the best prepared and now the setup seems to fit the driver perfectly. With a strong performance in Posterholt he proved his aim to leave the bad results behind and go for a win at the Speedweekend 2017, being ranked 10th in the Continental points table 2017.


#97 Tom Weyers (GER) has taken over the car his father bought from Layton Milsom #48 a while ago. Günter, a former Saloon Stockcar ace has been acting as a mechanic and sponsor of his son this year so far. Tom is a fan of Oldschool Fords and is using a Capri at Bangerstox meetings for fun. When choosing a number for the car, he decided to use the #97 from Josef Thissen who raced in a blue VW Scirocco at the Spedeworth tracks on the Continent and with the World Final one time in Ipswich. Tom is ranked second in the Continental points table at the moment.


#116 Frank Noehring (GER) is an very experienced Hot Rod man. He has been racing in Nationals on the Continent, in the UK and in South Africa too. Together with friends he is participating in Endurance Meetings at Zolder and the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a BMW M3. Frank and his Gambler Racing Team formed the class being there with Tigra A from the very first meeting onwards. Even with getting some heat wins, Frank decided to play it better for 2017 and purchased a rolling 2litre Saxo which his friend Mark Sear from SRP completed. Following the tradition, Frank is using a well prepared Pinto from his longtime partner Gerard Emming, which is the proud sponsor of the Dutch Open 2017!


#151 Rob Ashman (ENG) will be in Holland for a second time in 2017. He and his wife joined Dave Leech #928 for their Easter trip to the Netherlands. Rob did well as a mechanic with Dave winning almost every single heat that weekend in Ter Apel and Venray. This time he brings his own built car to show his skills as a driver too. A good result in Holland will make forget the disappointment from Foxhall when his engine stole before the start of the first qualifying heat.





#186 George Turricki (ENG) is the reigning points Champion in England and has participated in the Dutch Speedweekend before. He is known for fast and good lookin' cars. As a heat winner in last year's meeting  he propably knows how get around fastly at Ter Apel Raceway.


#212 Jeroen Laurijssen (NL) is one of the well know faces in 2litre Hotrods. His immaculate Corsa-C was bought in the UK and is one of the best looking cars on track. Jeroen has been in Superstox before using the #212 there as well there. The past month have been a nightmare to the superstore owner from Chaam in Brabant (NL) as his engines died faster than one can imagine. Now with a proper tool under the bonnet, Team Laurijssen could be a front runner at the Great Dutch Weekend 2017.


#226 Markus Storb (GER) has been racing in National Hot Rods before and knows Ter Apel Raceway from his years in the BMW 325i Cup. This year he grabed the chance to purchase the car from Matthias Albrecht #9 who had to stop with racing. The car was built in the UK and been in the Hands of Dirk Albrecht #90. Markus, working for Liqui Moly Oils in Germany will use his first weekend in 2litre racing to gain experience racing with our UK guests.


#303 Gavin Botfield (ENG) has participated in the Great Dutch race from the beginning. He is a heat winner, became National Champion in 2015 in Ter Apel and was only beaten by Chris Crane #75 in 2016 as a runner up. While the Spedeweekend at Foxhall he suffered from a crash in his qualifying heat providing only a poor position in the grid for the National race then. Gavin's car is always one of the quickest in Ter Apel and he will be one of the top bets for the trophies this weekend.




#328 Michael Mills (ENG) will make his second appearance to Ter Apel this year. Last year he ended 13th in the Great Dutch Race and of course he is intending to improve this time. Michael is using a Corsa-C, being one of the eye-catchers in the 34 car field!


#351 Christian Baer (GER) has missed two meetings already in 2017. That is the reason why the fast German is not listed better than sixth at the moment. Last meeting, racing in Posterholt, he showed a strong performance and of course two month ago in Ipswich too. Christian is always able to run the speed of the big boys and is known for his braveness to pass by using he outside lane.


#391 Danny Smidt (NL) could not keep his eyes away from 2litre Hot Rods after Christiaan and Aukie once had started. He made a good choice by purchasing the Nova from Dirk Albrecht #90. This car is one of the fastest on the Continent and has already got plenty of heat wins in it's record. Danny has been racing in Brisca F1 & Brisca F2 before taking the conscoius decision to race in a non-contact formula.




#430 Rene Knetemann (NL) is attending with the only running Ford Puma on the Continent. The car was bought in the UK and revised by Ramon Roeffen (#43 in National Hot Rods). Rene has been struggeling with the setup so far but in Posterholt, he looked very promising. His 11th spot in the standings shows his dedication to class, entering all meetings so far.


#453 Helmut Laumen (GER). The German "Renn Opa" is attending his only second meeting this year. Beside his lovely wife he got cought by the thrills of racing a Formula Toyota. But Helmut remains as one of the ambassadors of the 2litre's on the Continent as having taken part in the Demo run in 2013.


#515 Gavin Pike (ENG) is a former Stockcar 1300 driver. But his dream was fullfilled as buying the Championship Winning car of Shane Murray #70 last year at the National Weekend in Hednesford.


#602 Dale Fewings (ENG) is the owner of Paint Dynamix Bodyshop supplying Peugeot 106 panels for 2litre Hot Rods. He has been racing in Superstox before using the same number on his car then. His all new 106 is a beauty and will shine when Dale is making his first visit to Ter Apel Raceway.






#745 Daniel Bennet (ENG) is known for his car with a blue and orange paintscheme. It is going to be his first visit to Ter Apel. In July, Daniel was a great help by not caring about his own car but helping to get the car of Southafrican Lady Daniella back on track after her crash. Daniel provided not only his help but a welding machine as well. Thumbs up!


#899 Paul Carruthers (SCO) and his family are going to make the journey to Holland for the fourth time to join the 2litre grid. Paul is propably the reason for having the Ninja karts on track this weekend. He brought the one from his son Jay last year to lead the cars into the stadium before lining up for the Dutch Open. This year, Jay and his sister Abbie will compete in their Ninja karts!


#928 Dave Leech (ENG) finished on the podium, coming home as third in the Dutch Open 2016. This year he has been dominating racing at the Easter Weekend in Holland and scored the most points all day in Ter Apel. The setup he found five month ago may give him an advantage. Dave is very fast on the ouside lane and able to grab positions by using it very often. Only a month ago, Dave has been the runner up to Gordon Alexander in the World Final 2017. So one could say, Dave is dailed in and will be one of the top contenders for the two major races this weekend. 




17 (!) Ninja Karts booked in by Aug.26st :


#7 Charlie Hardie
#24 Reuben Dodson

#60 Bailey Millar
#84 Robbie Armit
#127 Lennon Grant
#197 Joseph Cavanagh
#223 Toby Partridge
#312 Zoe Mann (provisional)
#330 Callum Beaton
#382 Theo Barker (provisional)
#600 Lucy Millar
#612 Kyle Johnstone (provisional)
#689 Abbie Carruthers
#699 Jay Carruthers
#742 Toby Parfitt
#743 Josh Parfitt
#809 Toby Tyson (provisional)


The "Stars of the future" will be appearing 5 times and are going to race on the short oval in Ter Apel!


Our Partners for this event are :












Ter Apel, July 2017



As the calendar points to September, the NNO Speedweekend 2017 is ready for Kick-Off. On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd the Continental racing family will be absolutely focussed on the European Championship of 2litre Hot Rods.


With the “Houtdrogerij Friesland & RD Recycling" European Championship 2.0 Hotrod Spedeworth Motorsports honours the work of Dutch Promotor NNO Ter Apel in the past three years. In this very short time, a 20 car field of 2litre Hot Rods has come to life. Considering the value of the event, an attendance of another 10-15+ cars from the UK is likely, forming a grid with more than 30 cars. Beside the main event, the traditional running of the "Emming Motortechniek Dutch Open 2.0 Hotrods" is another highlight to experience.


Ter Apel Raceway has become famous for the thrilling races of the National Hot Rods in Holland too. The very fast long version of the "Paperclip" is the scenery for the year's Highlight in Ter Apel. The "Teuben Logistics" EuroMaster of National Hot Rods attracts drivers, teams and fans likewise. The International flair of the weekend is carried by many UK, Dutch and German teams on track. But of course, all regular NNO formula's will be a part of this weekend which proves to become an unforgotten one.


If you want become a part of a history making weekend, please consider to join us as a Partner and Sponsor of the event. We can offer you and your company to become a part of Speedweekend 2017. If you'd like to see your name or brand displayed throughout the weekend, please send us a private message. There are several different opportunities to book, so do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook or email;


There has never been anything like this before in Holland, so join the momentum to push your business while the Speedweekend 2017 at NNO Ter Apel.