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Chris Crane wins Dutch Open Back to Back





The driver of the #75 machine takes the trophy back home for another year !


The 2016 running of the Dutch Open became the best ever visited Hot Rod event for decades. The oversea drivers love the "great little track" with a layout resembling to a paperclip. Raceway Ter Apel could welcome an outstanding number of 29 cars in the 2litre Hotrod formula. With the great support from numerous sponsors and the help from Spedeworth Motorsports, NNO Ter Apel made the weekend a showcase for 2litre racing at it's best.



Due to the number of cars, there had been a draw for the qualifying heats. The field was divided in three groups providing two heats for every driver to earn points for the feature event. With all heats raced, the ultimate grid had to be determined by a flip of coin as some drivers were equal with points - and heat wins!




The Top 6 in the grid were  : Dutch Open Champion 2015 (#75 Chris Crane), National Champion 2015 (#303 Gavin Botfield), Dutch Points Champion 2014+2015 (#22 Martijn Vowinkel) and the Champion of the World 2016 (#565 Dan Smith). These Gentlemen would have to cope with the strong UK contenders George Turiccki #186 and Dave Leech #928. The best German driver, Dirk Albrecht #90 started from P9.


Just seconds before the parade lap, a heavy shower soused the racetrack, drivers & teams in the pits. A few minutes later the sun came out again and the wild bunch entered the oval with Paul Carruther's son Jay in his Ninja kart as a pacer. Teams were awfully busy as the cars got parked on the straight in order to make last adjustments to the setup for these conditions. Tyre pressure seemed to be more valuable then anything else at that very moment.


When the cars were set off for their 2 pace laps the tension increased dramaticly. As the greens came out the 29 cars raged into the the 30 lap show. It was Chris to become the first leader followed by Gavin and George. Dirk Albrecht had a very good start and was on the move. Martin Heath #66 was the first car with a spin which costed him a good result later. George Turiccki found himself way back after problems in turn 1+2. While Dirk Albrecht could already move into the top three, Gavin Botfield took the lead away from Chris Crane. As Chris tried to fight back, Dirk Albrecht got a run on both of them and gained the lead. He lost the lead again but a caution brought back the order from a lap before the incident and Dirk remained in front. After the restart, the three cars stayed together very close and it was all about lapping cars. When Dirk Albrecht got holded up with only four laps to go, he lost momentum which allowed Chris Chrane to make a move on the inside entering turn 3. As Dirk tried to keep the position, the two cars came together and Dirk spun out which ended his race unrewarded.


Gavin Botfield tried to overtake Chris once again but did not make it before the chequered was shown to both of them and third place finisher Dave Leech.


NNO Ter Apel wants to thank everyone taking part in the event and making it a weekend to remember. More photos to come up later this week !














Entries for Dutch Open 2016

Drivers signed in for Speedweekend 2016




Time schedule for Spedeweekend 2016


Friday September 2nd
18:00 Pits open for Teams and Camping


Saturday September 3rd
08:30 Pits open for Teams and Camping

10.30-12.00 Office located at entrance of track open for subscription
10.30-12.30 Scrutineering on track for cars and Racewear
14:00 Drivers Briefing on track - Start Finish area / Fotoshooting 2litre drivers
14:30 Begin of the meeting, three heats for all formula's
21:00 End of meeting under the lights


Qualification modus for Dutch Open to be announced in briefing


Sunday September 4th

08:00 Pits open for Teams and Camping

09.00-09.30 Office located at entrance of track open for subscription (if not already done before)
09.30-10.00 Scrutineering on track for cars and Racewear(if not already done before)

11:00 Drivers Briefing on track - Start Finish area
11:30 Begin of the meeting
17:30 End of meeting


Newspaper article from August 31th



Update drivers August 18th


In the third year of 2litre Hot Rod Racing in Holland, the Dutch Open 2016 will create the Highlight moment of the season.  NNO Ter Apel in association with Spedeworth is delighted to announce that some of the best drivers in this formula will compete in this year's running of the Speedweekend.

Photo of the wild bunch in 2015...





To start with Chris Crane #75 as the defending Champion is easy. One of the most sympathic drivers in the pits will try to defend the trophy and take it back home in the well driven truck of Andy Crane Transport once again. You can truly say that Chris is an ambassador of the formula, when he and Charlie Jowers made a Demonstration run in September 2013 at the Ter Apel track, which initially had been the Kick Off for what to expect at the Spedeweekend. With a strong performance in the World Final in July by ending 5th, he will be one of the main contenders for the "Dutch" title this year.



Let's open the gates for the Champion of the World !

It is absolutely stunning that Dan Smith #565 will come to Holland once again in his most successful season so far to own the Dutch tarmac as well!

In July this year, Dan covered the right spot on track, when the big trophies were spread and he got a well derserved World Champion 2litre Hotrods in the feature event at Foxhall Stadium.

In 2015 he has been a heat winner at Ter Apel Raceway and came home in third on the prodium in the National Championship race then. It is certain that Dan "Dangerous" Smith will be a strong contender in the 2016 running of the Dutch Open.



By having Gavin Botfield # 303 on you entry list, you know that there is a serious sportsman in the grid who is capable to win the trophy. Gavin showed an outstanding performance by winning the National Championship in 2015 on the Dutch tramac of "De Polderputten". His Saxo is one of the best cars which has ever left Spedeworth Fabrications and he is able to squeeze the extra speed out of that machine. Gavin Botfield will be keen to drive the trophy home this year.



One of the best news of the year has probably been the announcement to have Richard Poulter back in 2litre Hotrods. To have the #98 back will exceed the very high level of professionalism in this class once again. The first pictures of "Blue Beauty" prove the aim to rejoin not as a competitor but as a contender for the titles to win. It is very nice to see Richard in Holland, as his support for 2litre's on the Continent made the start a lot easier. (Photo courtesy by Martin Kingston





  Emming Motors Dutch Open 2016

2litre Hot Rods @ Raceway Ter Apel on September 3rd & 4th


Ter Apel Raceway (The Netherlands) - Last years 2.0 litre Hotrods Dutch Open championship was won by Chris Crane after a cracking fight with Martijn Vowinkel. Will he be able to defend his title on the continent in 2016? And what about Charlie Jowers, the winner of the inaugural Dutch Open race in 2.0 litre Hotrods, will he be back for this years edition? The World Champion 2016, Dan Smith, Paul Wright, George Turicki and Gavin Botfield are some of the other former heat winners in Holland.








The major event has found it's place in the fixture list of Spedeworth Motorsports for September 3rd & 4th. After a brilliant Speedweekend with the National Championship and the Dutch Open last year, this year's focus is set on the Dutch Open as the feature event for this coming Speedweekend. At the moment, there are 18 continental 2.0 litre Hotrods  ready to race. Our aim is to achieve a 25 car grid inclusive our UK friends. Are you interested in competing with your continental colleagues at the famous track "De Polderputten" in Holland ?


Please let us know, bookings can be made from now on! (

More information about the program will follow soon. Maybe you have heard from your colleague drivers about the unique Dutch Open Weekends in 2014 & 2015 in Holland? Do you need some information about racing and travelling to Holland at the 3rd & 4th of September?

Please feel free to ask any question. NNO Ter Apel promotions in association with Spedeworth Motorsports will be happy to answer them!


You can mail us by using and NNO Ter Apel on Facebook .


Join the party in the Lowlands and participate in the Great Dutch Race 2016. It is a weekend to remember for drivers, teams and fans, so don't hesitate and subscribe for the September event at Ter Apel Raceway.






Graag zouden we tijdig de inschrijvingen ontvangen voor de races van zondag 28 augustus op het Midland circuit in Lelystad. Aanmelding is nu geopend en coureurs kunnen zich aanmelden tot en met zondag 7 augustus.


Auf diesem Wege möchten wir nachfragen, wer am 28. August 2016 auf dem Midland Raceway in Lelystad an den Start kommen wird. Die Fahrer bitten wir, sich bis zum Sonntag, dem 7. August 2016 bei uns anzumelden.


Ook de inschrijving voor het Speedweekend in Ter Apel is vanaf nu geopend. Het weekend van 3 & 4 september zal er weer gestreden worden om de ‘Emming motors’ 2.0 Hotrod Dutch Open titel. We verwachten weer een groot aantal deelnemers uit Engeland. Om een goede planning voor het weekend te kunnen maken vragen we jullie om je zo spoedig mogelijk aan te melden. Aanmelden voor dit unieke evenement is mogelijk tot en met zondag 28 augustus.


Auch für das Wochenende nach diesem Renntag in Lelystad in die Anmeldung ab sofort möglich. Am 3. & 4. September 2016 findet traditionell das große Speedweekend statt. Der Höhepunkt des Wochenendes wird der Lauf um die "Emming Motors" Dutch Open Trophäe in der 2litre Hot Rod Klasse sein. Wir erwarten wieder Teilnehmer aus England und bitten Euch wegen der Planung, spätestens bis zum Sonntag, dem 28. August bei uns anzumelden.


Coureurs kunnen zich aanmelden bij de NNO via;
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Telefonisch : Richard Dreier 06-45684203 (na 18.00 Uur)
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