Continental 2.0 Hot Rod

Speedweekend 2015    

 "Edwards Motorsport" National Championship Race   




The first day of the 2015 Speedweekend is in the books. The huge lineup of more than 20 cars lead into an A B C groupage. The grid positions were drawn. The driver with the most points was able to start from Pole Position. First heat was won by Christian Baer #351. Second heat was in the hands of Mark Turiccki # 368 in his stunning new car. The third heat was won by Martijn Vowinkel #22. He sufferd from a broken gearbox and could only participate in one heat which caused a spot in the grid far away from the Pole. Dirk Albrecht could not make it to the feature race due to an engine failure.
The positions for the "Edwards Motorsport National Championship" were set : #75 Chris Crane inside with #303 Gavin Botfield alongside him, #31,#351,#333, #565, #30, #71 behind them. When the green flag was displaid, there was plenty of racing on every inch of the Dutch track. In the end it was Gavin Botflied to bring the #303 machine home as first. He was followed by #31 Charlie Jowers in 2nd and # 565 Dan Smith in third. (Full results below). 






Chris Crane wins "Emming Motorentechniek" Dutch Open Title 2015 !

After the fog was gone on Sunday 4th, Ter Apel Raceway saw a sunny day with perfect 2.0 Hot Rod Racing. The crowd was amazed as having more than twenty cars on track.
The first Qualifier was won by Chris Crane #75. In the second heat it was Dan Smith #565 to take the chequered first.
Dutchman Martijn Vowinkel #22 managed to score the most points in the two qualifying heats and grabbed pole for the feature race. Chris Crane took the second spot alongside him.
(Starting grid : 22,75,71,928,280,565,303,368,30,11).




Martijn Vowinkel could keep the front seat only for a short while before Chris Crane took over the lead and kept it together till the end of this 25 lap race.




The results of the Emming Motorentechniek Dutch Open 2015 :