Continental 2.0 Hot Rod



The competitors for the Dutch Open 2014 in the inaugural 2.0 Hot Rod season on the continent


Upper Row : Daniel Krueger & Mario Baer


Middle Row : Frank Noehring, Juergen Schmidt, Charlie Jowers, Paul Carruthers, Gavin Botfield, Luke Stonehouse, Alex Crane, Paul Wright, Martijn Vowinkel

Lower Row : Christian Baer, Dirk Albrecht, Helmut Laumen, Guenther Weyers, Deane Wood, Sebastiaan Vowinkel












Dutch Open 2014 : Charlie Jowers #31, Martijn Vohwinkel #22, Dirk Albrecht #90, Paul Wright #43, Luke Stonehouse #280 303,11,116,33,291,82,453,899,4,351,143


Booked in cars for Speedweekend (published Sept.19th)

1. #4 Juergen Schmidt
2. #10 Samantha Holland
3. #11 Alex Crane
4. #22 Martijn Vowinkel
5. #31 Charlie Jowers
6. #33 Sebastiaan Vowinkel
7. #43 Paul Wright
8. #82 Daniel Krueger
9. #90 Dirk Albrecht
10. #116 Frank Noehring
11. #143 Guenter Weyers
12. #280 Luke Stonehouse
13. #291 Mario Baer
14. #303 Gavin Botfield
15. #351 Christian Baer
16. #430 Ramon Roeffen ovb
17. #453 Helmut Laumen
18. #899 Paul Carruthers




It is coming, the first Dutch Open, 2.0 litre Hotrods

by NNO Ter Apel (in association with Spedeworth Motorsports)




Ter Apel (The Netherlands)

After the first half of the 2014 Dutch ovalracing season, the developments of the Open Dutch Championship 2.0 litre Hotrods are very positive. With 4 meetings in the books we have seen a range of new cars and drivers in this formula at Raceway Ter Apel. The races have been very exciting and the track (with all it’s adjustments to make clockwise racing possible) looks very suitable for this formula. At the end of this year numbers are going up and we hope to end the season with 15 Dutch and German drivers.



Next fixtures:

Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 August

Saturday practice

Sunday Round 5 Dutch Championship Ovalracing

Speedweekend Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 September

Round 6 Finals Int. Dutch Championship

+ “Emming Motors” 2.0 litre Hotrods Dutch Open Trophy 2014

We are proud to invite at this first year of running this stunning formula, the Spedeworth & Incarace drivers to the Dutch Open Championship race. The Dutch and German drivers are looking forward to race their experienced colleagues from the UK. Come to The Netherlands and celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Ovalracing at Ter Apel with the Dutch Open Championship Ovalracing.

The schedule of this weekend is;
Schedule ‘EMMING MOTORS’ Dutch Open 2.0 litre Hotrods 2014

Friday 26 september 19:00 ; Paddock open

Camping allowed

Saturday 27 september

08:30; Paddock open

10:30 – 12:00; Driver's registration

10:30 – 12:30; Scrutineering at the track

13:00 – 13:30; Practice 2.0 litre Hotrods

14:30 - 15.00; Official start Speedweekend 2014, 3 heats for all

Heat 1; Points for Dutch Championship, graded start, no qualification points for the Dutch Open

Heat 2; Qualifier 1 Dutch Open (Drawn grid)

Heat 3; Qualifier 2 Dutch Open (Drawn grid)

(At 19:30 sunset, so racing under the lights)

Sunday 28 september

11:30 uur; Official start day 2, 3 heats for all

Heat 4; Qualifier 3 Dutch Open (Drawn grid)

Heat 5; Parade Lap + “Emming Motors” Dutch Open Final + Award Ceremony

Heat 6; Revanche-race (Reversed grid, winner Dutch Open at the back of the grid)

Price money and trophy’s are available for the Emming Motors Dutch Open Champions and trophies available for ranking of the whole weekend.

So reserve the weekend 27th & 28th September and join us at the first Dutch raceweekend. Participate in the ‘Emming Motors Dutch Open 2.0 litre Hotrods’ which is officially listed on the Spedeworth & Incarace calender. Who is going to grab the trophy and be the first to earn an ‘Orange Lion’ on his roof ?


Ter Apel is located in the North of Holland, near Emmen. The track combines a 465m longtrack and a 325m short track for the 2.0 litre Hotrods. The race facility provides everything you will need for a comfortable weekend in Holland.

 Bookings and more information about racing in Ter Apel?

Contact us at

Bookings can also be done at Spedeworth/Incarace.


Postal adress Office N.N.O.;

Noord Nederlandse Ovalracing – Klaverkamp 39 – 7908 MK – Hoogeveen

NNO Ter Apel on Facebook

Track Location :

Autosportstadion "De Polderputten"
Hanetangerweg 5a
9561 PE Ter Apel
The Netherlands