Continental 2.0 Hot Rod


Rik van der Linden Champion 2019


Man of the day: Klaas de Boer #120 by winning the first heat and the meeting final. Second heat was won by Rene Zurhausen #9. Man of the year: Rik van der Linden # 18 by winning the Points Championship (Silver Roof) and the NNO Track & Club Championship 2019 under very wet and slippery conditions. Congratulations!


Photoset Final Meeting 2019


Dave Leech sweeps in Ter Apel (NL) and takes both trophies home with him


This time, a huge number of 33 cars were booked in for the 2019 edition of the HDF Recycling National Championship and the Dutch Open. After the qualifying heats (ABC groupage with 22 cars each), which were won by Alex Crane #11, Paul Wright #43 and Sascha Baer #45 putting these cars in the front rows for the National Championship. They were accompanied by Dave Leech #928 who barely missed to overtake Alex in heat one.



With the drama of 2 restarts on Saturday evening the race settled in it's third attempt. With the brilliant drive of Dave Leech #928 the new National Champion was found. Gavin Botfield as runner up and Paul Wright as third joined him on the podium. Behind these three Mitch Souter #35 and Alex Crane came home 4th&5th. Best Continental driver became Rik Van der Linden #18 as 6th.

Results :

#928 Dave Leech, #303 Gavin Botfield, # 43 Paul Wright,

35,11,6,24,30,291,280,51,97,747,120,96,69,93,899,91, Rest DNF



After winning the National Championship Saturday night, Dave Leech made the #928 fly again on Sunday and passed Gavin Botfield #303 with one lap to go in the Emming Race Engines Dutch Open 2019.


The two qualifying heats with all cars in were won by Paul Wright #43 and Dave Leech #928.



Dave started way back in the 6th row due to a situation in the first heat which costed him valuable time and kept pushing his car all the time. Half way through the race it was Gavin Botfield leading Alex Crane #11 and Dave Leech in third. With a better exit in turn 2, Dave was able to position his car inside Alex to climb onto second spot. The three cars stayed together before Alex had to retire. Dave kept chasing Gavin and used a spinning car in turn 3+4 to pull alongside the #303 and managed to pass him on the outside. Best Continental driver became Rik van der Linden #18 ending on the podium as third ahead of Mario Baer #291 and Mitch Souter #35.

Speedweekend Dutch Open 01-09-2019 Results :
Dave Leech #928, Gavin Botfield #303, Rik van der Linden #18, Mario Baer #291, Mitch Souter #35, 280,30,120,747,333,228,97,226,93,69,301,899,11(DNF),24(DF),45(DNF)




Winner Dave Leech with his Daughter and the trophy      Rik v/d Linden best Continental team in Dutch Open


So Dave Leech, becoming a World and European Champion this year (just to name the big ones) is probably on the hunt for a new showcase to get the trophies on display. NNO Ter Apel and 2litre would like to thank all drivers, teams and fans for their attendance to the Speedweekend 2019 and making it a huge success. Just like to mention that the Classic Hot Rods and the Saloon Stockcars rounded up the meeting with their show on the Short Oval of "De Polderputten" Ter Apel Raceway. Hope to see you all back next year!

Photoset Speedweekend 2019

Bookinglist 2.0 Hot Rod

HDF Recycling 2.0 Hotrod National Championship 2019
Emming race engines 2.0 Hotrod Dutch Open Championship 2019


9 Rene Zurhausen
11 Alex Crane
18 Rik van der Linden
24 Stuart Sculthorpe
26 John Campbell
30 Martin Codling
35 Mitch Souter
43 Paul Wright
45 Sascha Baer
51 Niklas Klaka
58 Sandro Schoofs
69 Huub Litjens
91 Andre Schmitz
92 Roland Sudniks
93 Klaus Kilianski
97 Tom Weyers
99 Manfred Baer
116 Frank Nöhring
120 Klaas de Boer
212 Jeroen Laurijssen
226 Marcus Storb
228 Alan Thorndyke
280 Luke Stonehouse
291 Mario Baer
301 Alex Elesen
303 Gavin Botfield
333 Gerton Boes
453 Helmut Laumen
515 Gavin Pike
566 Marc Crome
747 Marius Bert
899 Paul Carruthers
928 Dave Leech


Frank Nöhring on a mission with new balanced car


The last meeting before Speedweekend 2019 saw 18 cars booked in and provided very close racing everywhere on track. It was Roland Sudniks #92 to win the first heat. In the second run he crossed the line as first too but got docked two spots from the jury. So Frank Nöhring #116 moved up to become the winner. In the third heat the spectators were entertained brilliantly with Frank and Marius Bert #747 battling almost the whole time. In the end, Frank scored his second win and fabulous 58 points all day. He was followed by Marius Bert (55 pts) and Sascha Baer #45 (49 pts). Behind these drivers Roland Sudniks (45 pts) as fourth and Marcus Storb #226 (40 pts) in fifth. With Alex Elesen #301 a driver used to Midland Circuit made his second start in the formula. And last but not least, the former National Hot Rod ace Huub Litjens #69 literally jumped into the car of Dirk Albrecht on Saturday. The practice laps convinced him and so the former #90 car is his now. Bad luck for Klaas de Boer #120 with an engine failure costing him valuable points for the 2019 Championship. Next weekend the Dutch Paperclip in Ter Apel will host the season's highlight in Holland. Be there or be square! 




Marcus Storb wins the first running of the Continental Championship


On Sunday 11th, Posterholt Automobiel Club will opened the gates of Jaba Circuit to create a special race format.


The Limburg's track hosted the inaugural running of the Continental Championship in 2litre Hotrods. The new trophy is the third major cup to win on the Continent 2019 beside the Points title and can be seen as an equivalent to the British Championship. The other two are of course the National Championship and the Dutch open on Aug. 31st and Sept. 1st in Ter Apel.


The new Continental Champion had to show his ability to win the title in two qualifying heats on Saturday, August 10th. The first of them was a grid by draw; the second was started as a reverse grid from the draw. Both heats will have a 20 lap distance. The points earned here defined the grid positions for the Continental Championship race on Sunday over 25 laps with the top scoring driver on Pole.


Marcus Storb #226 finished in third and second which put him on Pole. He stormed in front after the green flag was shown and grabbed the big trophy. Runner up became Marius Bert #747 with Manfred Baer #99 in third. Manfred had started as sixth only but managed to overtake Gerton Boes #333 and Roland Sudniks #92 who could not defend his starting position alongside Marcus Storb. As Rene Zurhausen spun out, Manfred was able to enter the podium.


Behind these three winners over the line : 92, 333, 45, 116, 51, 453, 9, 91, DNF 332+301








Michel van Haarlem making it three in a row on July 14th


While there was a World Champion in Formula One and Champion in Indy Cars racing on the half mile track, these three men put on an even greater show on the short oval of Raceway Venray. Beside the Nascar Wheelen Euro Series, the 2litre Hotrods were more than an addition to the programme. Michel van Haarlem #461 scoring a Hattrick by winning all heats, Manfred Baer #99 and Klaas de Boer #120 were the lucky three to enter the podium in the meeting final. With the new format lining up the cars in the order of points gained in the heats before, it does provide ultimate tension with the fastest cars battling for the lead. Jaques Villeneuve saw magic happen...



David Leech World Champion 2019 in 2.0 Hot Rods


The man from Stoke-on-Trent may have driven the race of a lifetime by winning the World Final 2019 in 2.0 Hot Rods. A well deserved win showing the skills of a real Champion and making the appearance with last Dutch Open more than forgotten.


The two qualifying heats provided the 5th spot for him in the grid. Foxhall stadium saw South African Jason Loosemore #15 on Pole with Gavin Botfield #303 on the outside of row one. After some rain and formulas bringing shale from the infield to the track, one could say it was very slippery and muddy in the first laps. Loosemore and Botfield put on a great show by battling each other in the 35 lap thriller.


Gavin was not able to find a gap to pass before Jason run wide in turn 1+2 and a backmarker came in their way on the backstretch. Right behind them, Lee Pepper #155 was ready to take over as the three cars tangled which left the #15 car sadly damaged behind.          


Gavin Botfield was able to rejoin and ended in third on the podium. Now the race was on between Lee Pepper and Dave Leech #928. Pepper who had won the title 19 years ago in the wet kept his car nice on the inside line making it a hard task for Leech to overtake. David showed an outstanding car control as his car was very loose exciting the corners. But somehow with a dry line starting to show he opened up the second line. Not many drivers are able to make a move like Dave Leech did passing Lee Pepper for the lead under these circumstances.


The regular visitor to Ter Apel Raceway (NL) literally drove the wheels of his car and could beat Pepper in a photo finish. and all Continental fans would like to congratulate David Leech on winning the World title and runner up Lee Pepper and Gavin Botfield on the podium too.



The best Continental driver became Rik van der Linden (NL) in his yellow and green #18 car.  He had started in 11th position and had never raced with a 2.0 in the rain before (!). The team representing Spedeworth Fabrications Holland was delighted to take the trophy presented by NNO's Richard Dreier home with them.


Next meeting on the Continent is Raceway Venray on Sunday July 14th being a part of the Nascar Wheelen Europe American Fanfest.





The drivers crossing the water to enter World Final competition at Foxhall stadium on July 6+7th are :


D    99 Manfred Baer
H    18 Rik van der Linden
H  212 Jeroen Laurijssen
D  291 Mario Baer
D    92 Roland Sudniks
D   116 Frank Nöhring
D   747 Marius Bert


Easter Weekend creates surpising winners with both meetings


Ter Apel, Sunday April 21st:

Perfect weather, warm temperatures and a 18 car entry made Easter Sunday a splendid one. Grandpa in Racing, Helmut Laumen #453 was the man of the day by winning all heats from the Yellows including the meeting final with runner up Manfred Baer #99 followed by 2016 Champion Mario Baer #291 returning to the podium after quite a while. Strong all day had been Niklas Klaka #51, the 2017 Champion but he got tangled up with Rene Zurhausen #9 in the early stages of the meeting final. Good results for the two newcomers Klaas de Boer driving the 120 car into the seventh spot from the back of the field and Justin Albrecht #900 ending 10th having started alongside Klaas.




Raceway Venray Monday, April 22nd:

Klaas de Boer #120 sweeps at Raceway Venray on Easter Monday: After having started two meetings as a novice from the back of the grid, he was now allowed to join the yellow roofs and managed to win all heats including the meeting final. The former Dutch Champion in Standard 2000cc made it three in a row with runner up Marcus Storb #226 and Gerton Boes #333 in the meeting final.

Image provided by Marcel Bol (Paddock14). Thanks!



Dirk Albrecht wins meeting final in Ter Apel on March 31st


Beautiful weather, nice sunshine and 13-15 degrees made the start of the season a good one. Nineteen starters were shown the green for the first time in 2019. The first heat of the day was won by Manfred Baer #99 in his Nova followed by Rene Zurhausen #9 and Marius Bert #747. The second heat saw Marius Bert in front after Rene Zurhausen spun out the winner of heat one. Roland Sudniks #92 was collected while all other drivers managed to avoid the jam. Behind the winner, Helmut Laumen #453 was able to hold off a wild bunch of drivers aiming for the second spot. Mario Baer #291, the 2016 Champion came home in third with Rik van der Linden #18 and Jeroen Laurijssen #212 completing the Top 5.

Jeroen suffered from a technical issue in the first heat which put him near the back of the meeting final. The crowd got mad as the race got underway and saw close racing on every inch of the paved track. Marius Bert started from Pole Position with Rik van der Linden behind and Mario Baer alongside him. Rik did not have a good start and had to muscle his way back to front where Dirk Albrecht #90, the 2018 Points Champion had already found a way to pass Marius Bert. In the final stages Rik van der Linden managed to overtake both but was a little to eager which forced Race Control to put him on P3. So the first meeting final is in the books with Dirk Albrecht as a winner and Marius Bert as a runner up. Full results and standings will be announced soon. would like to thank all drivers and teams for unveiling immaculate looking cars and their fabulous racing all day. Please take a look at the photo gallery to see the beauty of 2.0 Hot Rod Racing on the Continent! 




 Easter Weekend provides Doubleheader on the Continent


Join us on Sunday April 21st in Ter Apel and Monday April 22nd in Venray for the second and third meeting of 2019. Racing starts at 12 noon on both days.





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With special thanks to all teams, Area68 Holger Ahlf, John de Groot (johnM3 Fotos) and René Smeets for his Posterholt images.



















Father & Son racing in 2.0 Hot Rod


The 2019 season brings on a family affair on track. Father and Son will race in the same formula. 2018 Points Champion Dirk Albrecht #90 has bought back the Nova he has started his 2litre career in. The former Dan Smith machine had been Dirk's first drive when switching from Brisca F2 to 2.0 Hot Rod. He is a founding member of the first RHD formula on the Continent. His son Justin made his first steps in the Junior Formula for Kids from the age of 11 years onwards and will now enter the 2.0 Hotrods as a Rookie using number #900. Both cars wear the beautiful red color and a similar design provided by Daniel Klyn Signs. Dirk, finishing second in the 2018 National Championship at Ter Apel Raceway, took every effort to provide a complete rebuilt to the car, including a JB engine.

Good luck to both of them!











2019 Kick Off on March 24th cancelled


Due to a miscommunication inside the Raceway Venray's organisation, the meeting of March 24th has been cancelled and will be held on July 14th. The 2.0 season on the Continent will start on March 31st at Ter Apel Raceway.


Prior to this meeting there will be practice sessions availible :


Lelystad : Sat March 9th

Posterholt : Sat March 16th

Ter Apel : Sat March 24th (to be confirmined)

Ter Apel : Sat March 30th


Please check before travelling!







Rob Ashman shows his Corsa-D built


Rob Ashman of R.A.M. Motorsports unvealed his 2019 beauty this week. It is an immaculate Corsa-D which is an all new car to the formula. Catch up with the latest bulit by using our facebook page!






Dan Smith returns to 2.0 Hot Rods




The 2016 World Champion in 2.0 Hot Rods will rejoin the Formula in 2019. While racing in National Hot Rods 2018 he now presented his new machine on the NEC. The Spedeworth Motorsports / RCE / A1 Perfomance car is Peugeot 106 and comes in the winning orange and black paint scheme. With the latest inventions on board, we can expect Dan to take on the fastest drivers from the very first heat. Good luck!







South Africa vs. Europe Tour 2019



Pre announcement of Mahem Raceway on Facebook:


We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a relaxing break. We are almost back in full swing and getting ready for 3 exciting weekends. If you don’t know it yet… we have the SA vs Europe tour on the following dates:


26th January at Mahem Raceway

2nd February at The Rock Raceway

9th Feb Mahem Raceway – Champ of Champions


The European team will consist of the following competitors:


456 Nathan Roberts – England

713 Ian Beaumont – England

209 Tom Waller – England

196 Joey Palmer – England

116 Frank Nöhring – Germany

52 Jan Kuper jr. – Holland

76 Adam Maxwell – Northern Ireland




ZA 1 Gavin Botha – Captain

ZA 3 Chantelle Lewis

43 Eric Williams

9 Freek Buitendach JNR

191 Marnus du Plessis

264 Dawie Nel

199 Frans van Dyk

255 Jaco van der Merwe – Reserve for both teams.






Roll on 2019!


NNO Ter Apel is looking back on five exciting years of 2.0 Hot Rod Racing. Do you remember how it all started? By visiting you can catch up with some great memories beginning with the demo in 2013 and the first year of racing in 2014. Two drivers being involved in the formula from the very first moment onwards are Dirk Albrecht #90 and Frank Nöhring #116. On our website you can read about Frank's thoughts before "The Gambler" re-entered oval racing in 2014. After their fabulous drives throughout the year, the reward was precious by winning the Silver Roof (Dirk) and the Track Championship at Ter Apel Raceway (Frank) in one of the closest points finishes so far. The National Championship and the Dutch Open title were won by Gavin Botfield #303 this year, With a 30+ car attendance at Ter Apel, the Dutch Speedweekend has become a must visit for all Hot Rod fans, On October 28th the Gala meeting was held at Aldershot. Some of the best Continental drivers crossed the channel to join racing then. This Gala event was planned to be the test run for a Challenge starting between the promoters Spedeworth and NNO. Maybe we will see a great together like in the glorious days of Kaldenkirchen (GER) when there had been a team race of English, Dutch, German and Belgium drivers. A new title is shown in the fixture list of 2019 for the first time: The Continental Championship being held at the Posterholt Speedweekend in August. Details of this event in Limburg (NL) and the qualification for the European in Lochgelly and the World in Ipswich will be announced in time. would like to wish all drivers, teams, fans, staff and their families





all the best for 2019!