2.0 Hotrod Racing Holland


Gala Night 2018 Ter Apel


This years's Gala Night will be held on Dec 1st. Location ist the pub alongside Ter Apel Raceway. The party will start at 9:00 pm local time and is to honour the 2018 Champion's of the NNO Ter Apel. The first three ranked drivers of each formula can expect a trophy for their performance.

Hanetangerweg 5a, 9561 PE Ter Apel, The Netherland






2018 season ends at Ter Apel Raceway


After 12 rounds of 2litre Hot Rod Racing on the Continent, the 2018 Champions were determined on the evening of Sept. 30th.


Before entering the ultimate round at Ter Apel Raceway, the standing was as close as never before in this formula. The top five drivers had been within reach to grab the title on Sunday 30th at Ter Apel Raceway. In the lead and in the best position Dirk Albrecht #90 arrived with 460pts. He was followed by a margin of only 3 (!) points by Sascha Baer #45 who started the day with 457pts. The German Top 3 was completed by Frank Noehring #116 with 447pts. Behind them, two Dutch drivers were willing to do their best to enter the podium. Jeroen Laurijssen #212/437pts and Rik van der Linden #18/427pts had been the drivers in 4th and 5th.


But: To finish first, you first have to finish. The winner was to receive 20 points, the second placed driver 19 points, and so on (3.=18, 4.=17, 5.=16...). With an entrance of only 12 cars due to several reasons it should turn out to be a difficult task to shorten the gap to the leader.


The first heat was won by Manfred Baer #99 who was battling Rene Zurhausen #9 all day. Manfred, who had joined this formula in 2018 gained a lot of good results but was struggling with technical issues every now and then. The second heat saw Rene ahead of the #99 with Roland Sudniks #292 finishing behind the two in both heats. One could assume that the Championship standing would only change as a result of a technical failure or a crash. 



Manfred Baer               Heat Winners                Rene Zurhausen


This failed to appear and so they ended in the way they started before the meeting. Dirk Albrecht has become the Points Champion 2018 and may wear the silver roof next year. Runner up Sascha Baer run only eight points short but was surely a happy a glad man as his son Fabian won the track Championship in Ministox the same day. Three points behind Sascha, the third German driver scored the last spot on the podium, missing the second by a margin of only 3 points.




The meeting final was won by Rene Zurhausen ahead of Roland Sudniks and Rik van der Linden in third (#9, #292, #18, 116,212,90,45,747,453,430,91,99DNF).




The results of the day brought the victory of winning the Track Championship to Frank Noehring. Runner up became Dirk Albrecht with Sascha Baer in third.





Regarding Points Champion Dirk Albrecht and Ter Apel Track Champion Frank Noehring, two drivers having formed the 2litre's in 2014 gained a major title this year. Both participated in every round of the season and raced hard all year. But for Sascha Bear it was a deserved third spot as well. He took over the Renault Clio from Christian Baer #351 to enter the 2015 season. In 2018 he changed the paint scheme to red and blue. The two Dutchmen ranked fourth and fifth, Jeroen Laurijssen and Rik van der Linden as a Newcomer to the formula are doubtless great ambassadors for the sport as well and have put on an outstanding season as well.






Frank Noehring & Dirk Albrecht battling for the lead in the first meeting 2014


2.0 Hot Rod drivers banned after Speedweekend 2018


Three drivers that have competed in the 2018 season plus a team member are banned following their violation of the rulebook on Saturday evening at Speedweekend 2018. The Dutch Ovalracing authority NOSP has imposed the following penalties : #83 12 month, #84 24 month, #391 24 month, #99 F2 24 month




Gavin Botfield sweeps in Holland


After winning the title in 2015 already, Gavin Botfield #303 became the new National Champion 2018 by winning under the lights at Ter Apel Raceway. After a red flag situation caused by an accident, he stormed up in front an made it a start finish victory. In the end, Dirk Albrecht #90 was closing the gap after he had passed Luke Stonehouse for second but run out of laps.


1. Gavin Botfield #303

2. Dirk Albrecht #90

3. Luke Stonehouse

4.-10.  : 58, 35, 212, 291, 11, 51, 99


On Sunday, Gavin made it a double by winning the Dutch Open 2018 by holding off Paul Wright #43 in a photo-finish. The trophy for third was won by Stuart Sculthorpe #24.

4-10. : 58, 11, 18, 35, 291, 280, 228




Preview 2litre Hotrods & National Hotrods @ Speedweekend 2018


To start with, a warm welcome to all drivers, teams and racing fans from all over Europe. The fifth running of the Speedweekend at Ter Apel Raceway is likely to become one of the the most entertaining meetings since the opening of the track in 1971 for cargrass racing and being paved with tarmac for Ovalracing in 1979.


In 2014, NNO Ter Apel introduced the 2litre Hotrod formula to the Continent and invented a weekend of racing in fall, making it more attractive for foreign drivers to cross the Channel. This year, Spedeworth Motorsports has rewarded the effort of the Dutch promoter NNO with one of the most prestigious races available: The National Championship of 2litre Hotrods on Sept. 1st&2nd. Following the World and European title probably a trophy, every driver is aiming for. With a 36 car entrance it will be fascinating to see, which driver is going to finish first on Saturday evening under the lights. On Sunday, the "Hot Hatches" will go for another major race, when the 5th edition of the Dutch Open 2018 is green flagged.


But this Speedweekend of Highlights will offer far more: Beside the regular formula's, NNO Ter Apel has invited the RHD Saloon Stockcars for some contact action on Sunday. The National Hot Rods, being LHD cars on the Continent, are looking back on a long tradition at Ter Apel Raceway too. Due to racing anti-clockwise there is no exchange with UK drivers or cars at the moment. This of course makes the 13th running of the "EuroMaster of National Hot Rods" an unofficial European Championship for LHD cars!



National Championship 2.0 Hotrod


Every driver racing in one of the formulas supervised by Spedeworth Motorsports is aiming to win one of the major titles throughout the season. The National Championship is a reward for the hard work in the past years and it makes us, NNO Ter Apel, very proud to be the host for the 2018 running.


The National title will be handed out to the fastest driver on the Dutch Paperclip Ter Apel Raceway. Thirty-six (36!) entries will join the the 2.0 Hot Rod National Championship when Speedweekend 2018 kicks off on Saturday afternoon 2:30 pm.


This major title race is having a long tradition within the formula being introduced as the 1600cc Hotrods in 1986, using Ford cross flow engines. With a major rule change in 1997 allowing to convert FWD cars to RWD and the use of the Pinto Engine from Superstox and Lightning Rods, the success started and provided rising grid numbers in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Many of the well known National Hot Rod stars of today have started their career in 2litre Hot Rods. A few from the list are Kym Weaver #209, Adam Hylands #54, Shane Murray #70 and Chris Crane #15, a former Dutch Open winner.


The heats will be raced on the short oval in Ter Apel. This demanding 350 meters track will see three qualification heats. The field of cars is divided into three groups. Each driver is eligible to participate in two of the three qualifying heats. Grid positons are based on a draw for heat 1 with a reverse line up for heat2


After these heats the grid for Saturday's feature event is determined and the driver having scored the most points throughout the three heats will start from Pole Position.


Our Sponsors of the National Championship, RD Recycling & Houtdrogerij Friesland are presenting the Champions of the past five years:


2017               72-William Hardie            Ipswich

2016               11-Alex Crane                Birmingham

2015              303-Gavin Botfield             Ter Apel       

2014               90-Shane Murray             Ipswich

2013               54-Adam Hylands             Hednesford





Who is in the Grid & "Good to know for Speedweekend 2018"



Damon "Damo" Wellmann #8 to make a start in Holland


The Champion of the World in 2.0 Hot Rod will take part in the Speedweekend 2018 in Ter Apel. Damo, the reigning champion will be in Holland for the first time and will follow Dan Smith #565 and Grodon Alexander #71 who both had brought their golden roof to Holland. The 5th Edition of an action packed weekend will provide the biggest Hot Rod Grid on the Continent since the glory days of Baarlo (NL) in the 90's.

On Monday 27th, already more than 30 (!) cars were booked in for the meeting including 14 (!) overseas drivers.



NOV Lelystad meeting Aug. 26th


The last meeting before the Speedweekend 2018 on Sept 1st & 2nd was held at Midland Circuit Lelystad on Aug. 26th with 20 cars booked in for this meeting. For the first time Henk Peters #25 joined the Formula. He had purchased the car of Christiaan Smidt #84 which is the former ride of World Champion Dan Smith #565. The Brisca F2 ace showed a solid performance and finished heat 2+3 within the Top 10! The first heat was won by Manfred Baer #99, the second one by Marcus Storb #226. The third heat saw Rik van der Linden #18 to cross the line as first which made him win the trophy for scoring most points all day. With Frank Noehring #116 and Marcus Storb #226 two German drivers completed the podium.





Join Speedweekend 2018 as a sponsor of NNO Ter Apel


As the calendar points to September, the NNO Speedweekend 2018 is ready for Kick-Off. On Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd the Continental racing family will be absolutely focussed on the National Championship of 2litre Hot Rods.


With the “Houtdrogerij Friesland & RD Recycling" National Championship 2.0 Hotrod Spedeworth Motorsports honours the work of Dutch Promotor NNO Ter Apel in the past four years. In this very short time, a 20+ car field of 2litre Hot Rods has come to life. Considering the value of the event, an attendance of another 10+ car field from the UK is likely, forming a grid with more than 30 cars. Beside the main event, the traditional running of the "Emming Motortechniek Dutch Open 2.0 Hotrods" is another highlight to experience.


Ter Apel Raceway has become famous for the thrilling races of the National Hot Rods in Holland too. The very fast long version of the "Paperclip" is the scenery for the year's Highlight in Ter Apel. The "Teuben Logistics" EuroMaster of National Hot Rods attracts drivers, teams and fans likewise. The International flair of the weekend is carried by many UK, Dutch and German teams on track. But of course, all regular NNO formula's will be a part of this weekend which proves to become an unforgotten one.


If you want become a part of a history making weekend, please consider to join us as a Partner and Sponsor of the event. We can offer you and your company to become a part of Speedweekend 2018. If you'd like to see your name or brand displayed throughout the weekend, please send us a private message. There are several different opportunities to book, so do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook or email; info@ovalracing-terapel.nl






Damo Wellmann World Champion 2018 !


The Championship of the World in 2litre Hot Rods was won by Damo Wellmann #8. He took the title on Aug. 11th. at HRP Lochgelly in a controversal race which he started from pole position. The 23 car field was sent off under the lights and came to an early yellow flag situation as Jim Pitcaithly #91 had to retire with a broken suspension. The restart had the follwing running order : #8 #2 #71 #72 #844. Gordon Alexander managed to pass Ryan Morgan who was not able to close the gap which gave Hardie and Bonnar the chance to go by as well. When trying to pass Hardie on the outside, Bonnar clipped the armco's and had to retire. The next yellows were thrown after Mitch Souter's car, parked on the infield after a crash, seemed to have cought fire. The restart saw Wellman leading with the #71, #72 and the #959 of Adam Best on four. In the dying laps Alexander tried everything to end as first and came together with the leader and Adam Best, who had already passed the #72. The Last Bender causing the final result and a DQ for #71 and #959 can be found on youtube : Video World Final 2018

1st : #8 Damon Wellmann, 2nd #72 William Hardie, 3rd #2 Ryan Morgan, #668, #5




Two weeks later you can meet all the Dutch and German teams in Lelystad when NOV hosts the last 2.0 meeting in 2018 on the Midland Circuit on Aug. 26th.


   Review Ipswich Spedeweekend 2018   


Spedeweekend 2018 provided four fascinating heats of the 2litre's at Foxhall. The meeting saw two qualifying heats, having a reverse grid in the second one before entering the feature race. Saturday's racing ended under the lights with the European Championship being held.


A never seen delegation of six Continental drivers had made their way to this years edition of the Spedeweekend. They were : #18 Rik van der Linden, #22 Martijn Vowinkel, #51 Niklas Klaka, #212 Jeroen Laurijssen, #226 Marcus Storb, #333 Gerton Boes. Except from Gerton Boes they were mostly unlucky and got cought out by several accidents. But the UK drivers had to suffer as well with Rob Ashman #151 and Mitch Souter #35 to name two of them wrecking in the begin of the European taking out the car of Holland's Points-Champion 2017 Niklas Klaka #51 too.



2litre Hot Rod Racing under the lights of Foxhall saw Adam Hylands #54 taking the victory away and becoming the new European Champion. He is following William Hardy #72 who had gained the trophy last year in Ter Apel (NL). Paul Wright #43 had a strong car too but was not quite able to catch up with Adam in the end. Behind these two drivers, it was Lee Carlin who had switched his #14 to a #36 for this night. He made his friend watching from the sky above very proud as he came home in third, using his friend's former number. More drama in the European with front row starter William Hardy being blackflagged for overtaking under yellow and Adam Best #959 flipping his car after touching a tyre marker on the infield.


By this we would like to thank Deane Wood, his family and the Spedeworth Team at Foxhall for the warm welcome and the opportunity to take images at the Spedeweekend.






   Ipswich Spedeweekend 2018 

(Updated July 3rd)


NNO Ter Apel in association with Spedeworth Motorsports is delighted to announce the Continental drivers to join the 2018 Spedeweekend!


The following "Continental Six-Pack" will take on the best drivers from England, Ireland and Scotland to compete in the 2.0 Hotrod European Championship at Foxhall Stadium on July 7th & 8th


#18 Rik van der Linden – The Netherlands
#22 Martijn Vowinkel – The Netherlands
#51 Niklas Klaka – Germany
#212 Jeroen Laurijssen – The Netherlands
#226 Marcus Storb – Germany

#333 Gerton Boes - The Netherlands





Good luck to all drivers, we hope to meet many Dutch and German fans at Foxhall Stadium!





Ter Apel, June 3rd


Heat 1 & 2 won by Sascha Baer.

Meeting Final at Ter Apel Raceway on June 3rd :

Winner Manfred Baer #99 with runner up Richard Gerrits #33 and Sascha Baer #45





Ter Apel, May 10th


The meeting final became a Smidt-Show in the end with Danny #391 taking his first win in 2.0 Hotrods. Christiaan #84 was able to end first in heat one and two but could not come close enough to overtake Danny in the meeting final. Tilburg's Rik van der Linden #18 brought the yellow and green machine home as third due to a cross for #212 Jeroen Laurijssen.


Preview Next Meeting May 10th


After having a fully packed fixture list to start the 2018 season, facing three meetings within eight days, the teams have now been able to bundle up energy again and prepare their cars for the upcoming event.


On Thursday, May 10th (Father's day) great racing can be expected once again. The 2litre Hotrods are the best growing Touring Car formula on the Continent and have made so many new friends.


The 2018 season turns out to become a thrilling one. With Mario Baer #291 back in competition, the 2016 Champion is leading by only four points at the moment. The Corsa-B he bought has received a major rebuild last winter. Aside caring for a noble grey colour the team concentrated on suspension and balance of the car successfully.


Jeroen Laurijssen # 212 is shown in second before entering round four. Now with all technical issues sorted out, Jeroen had a great day at Raceway Venray on April 2nd finishing all heats as third.


The dominant man the same day, Dirk Albrecht #90 suffered form bad luck in Posterholt on April 8th, scoring only 29 points, putting him to third in the points table. Dirk's all new red Saxo is able to win, which he has proved in Ter Apel and Venray. While the first meeting in Ter Apel, Dirk was able to start near the front because he scored no more points from mid season onwards due to the sale of his Nova.


Christiaan Smidt #84 started the season with a heat win at Ter Apel Raceway. Before entering the 4th round, he is scored sixth behind the Liqui Moly sponsored Nova of Marcus Storb #226.


Rik van der Linden #18 is shown fourth at the moment. His Spedeworth 106 is probably one of the best looking cars in the field and indicates the gain of professionalism and standard in this Formula. In Posterholt he was able to win a heat and join the podium.


Behind these six drivers, Frank Nöhring #116, 2017 Champion Niklas Klaka #51, Rookie Marius Bert #747 and Sascha Baer #45 are completing the Top Ten. The winner of the meeting final at Posterholt, Rene Zurhausen #9 is shown only in 11th due to no score at the Venray meeting but he will be on the move too.


Come and join us in Ter Apel for the fourth round of the National Points Championship 2018 and the penultimate meeting to qualify for the European Championship held in Ipswich while Spedeweekend 2018 on on May 10th. Racing starts at 12 noon.


Beside the 2.0 Hot Rods you can expect all other NNO Formula's including the National Hot Rods to show up. Action packed racing will be added by the Bangerstox, making their second appearance this season.


NNO Ter Apel celebrates their 40th season in Ovalracing


Almost 40 years ago, in April 1979, the sound of reving engines came to live for the first time on the famous Dutch Paperclip, "De Polderputten". The home track of the 2litre Hotrods in Holland opened it's gates for the very first time. The passion has never disappeared and attracts race fans ever since. Join us for the two free practice days on March 24th & 31st (Saturday) and of course for the season kick off on Easter Sunday, April 1st. Some find some documents from 1978/1979 below :



Extra practice on March 24th


Please use the chance to get in some laps before the Easter Weekend double header on March 24th and 31st. Track is open at 1pm till 5pm. Additional practice events are : Raceway Venray, March 24th 9am-5pm an Midland Circuit Lelystad March 25th 10am-4pm.

2litre Hotrods will use Raceceiver transmitters in 2018


Following the Spedeworth Rulebook 2018, NNO Ter Apel will introduce the in ear Fusion Raceceiver to 2.0 Hot Rod Racing likewise the National Hotrods are already doing. If you require information about the introduction or would like to purchase a system, please contact:

Richard Dreier +31-6-45684203
Anton vd Linden +31-6-53692951

Some winter images













 NNO Ter Apel can be visited at the Racing Expo/WTC Leeuwarden this weekend


Meet Richard Dreier to discuss all things of interest concerning our Formula. His brother Robert will represent the board of NNO Ter Apel. Expo is held on March 3rd & 4th with doors opening at 10 a.m.



2.0 Hotrod National Championship returns to Ter Apel in 2018


#303 Gavin Botfield was able to win the 2015 edition of the Spedeworth 2litre Hotrod National Championship at Ter Apel Raceway. Last year's National Championship was held at Foxhall in Ipswich during the Spedeweekend and was won by William Hardie. Now the 2018 edition will take place for the second time on the Continent at the Ter Apel Raceway in Holland. After a brilliant Speedweekend with the European Championship & Dutch Open in 2017 we will have two major trophies to win in Mainland Europe.

More information about the races will follow soon.

Do you need some information about racing and travelling to Holland on September 1st & 2nd ?

Please let us know! We will be glad to answer any question in order to help you to make your bookings and compete in Holland.

The National Championship is ranked directly behind the World and European titles and has a lot of well known names in it's history :


New Cars 2018


If you want to keep up with this fast growing formula, please join us on Facebook!

The latest news will be complemented by a lot of cars for sale in Mainland Europe and the UK.

The brand new car of World Champion Gordon Alexander was displayed at the NEC in January (Thanks to Martin Kingston for his superb images). The other foto shows the build of Rik van der Linden's new car.

2litre Hotrods Demo at the Racing Expo Leeuwaarden called off


We are sorry to let all fans of our formula know that there will be no 2litre Hot Rods in the Live Action Arena this coming weekend (March 3rd & 4th) in Leeuwarden. Please apologise for any inconveniences.


Specifications 2.0 Hotrods online : Rulebook 2litre Hot Rods 2018 (pdf)


Spedeworth Spare Parts available in Mainland Europe


Anton van der Linden has taken over the task to make spare parts for Hot Rods available on the Continent. In association with Spederworth Motorsports, all parts listed on their website can be ordered by contacting Anton van der Linden or Richard Dreier.


Anton van der Linden +31-6-53692951 / info@alautodiagnose.nl
Richard Dreier +31-6-45684203


First meetings scheduled for 2018



The 2018 season starts with an Easter weekend full of action!

We will kick off the 2018 season with another great weekend. On Saturday the 31st of March we start with a practice afternoon at Raceway Ter Apel. On Easter sunday we have the 2018 opening meeting at the Ter Apel Raceway. A day after we will travel to the South of Holland while racing at Raceway Venray for the second round of the 2018 National Points championship.


31 March - practice Raceway Ter Apel
1 April - Round 1 - Raceway Ter Apel
2 April - Round 2 - Raceway Venray


The second appearance of the 2.0's at Raceway Venray will be June 24th.

Niklas Klaka (GER) #51 is the Points Champion 2017


  Above : Niklas Klaka       Below : Tom Weyers (left) and Frank Nöhring



English Championship 2017 Northampton (source 2litrehotrod.com)


It was raining on Sept 30th as the Grid was formed for the English Championship. Paul Wright was on pole with George Turiccki on his outside. The race started in greasy conditions with the track improving as the race continued. George took the lead and a convincing win in difficult conditions with Paul second and David Leech third.


Heat 1: 43 Paul Wright,11,35,30,745,192,186,146,602,2
Heat 2: 928 David Leech,29,8,14,186,303,2,543,43,602
English Championship: 186 George Turiccki,43 Paul Wright,928 David Leech,30,11,8,303,543,14,29



Venray Supercup Sunday Sept. 24th


Beside the main attraction, the 2litre Hotrods made their second an final appearance to Raceway Venray and created thrilling heats. Martijn Vowinkel made it two in a row before Christiaan Smith took the lead in the meeting final. Runner up Martijn Vowinkel and Jeroen Laurijssen completed the podium. With all points recorded, the season final on Oct 1st is going to become a cracker at Ter Apel Raceway...





2017 season ends in Ter Apel on Oct. 1st


On Sunday Oct 1st, the fascinating 2017 season will end with the coronation of the Champion in 2litre Hot Rods here in Mainland Europe. Racing starts at 11:30 am and will have all regular formula's on track as well!


William Hardie sweeps in Holland


The great Dutch Speedweekend has been good to William Hardie #72. After winning the British Championship and the Scottish Open on his home track at Lochgelly Raceway in June, he was the man to beat in July too. By winning the National Championship in Ipswich he became one of the main contenders for the trophies in Holland. He scored a heat win in the qualifying which put him on P2 on the grid alongside Paul Wright #43 who managed to grab a win too. The third heat was won by Christiaan Smidt #84. After a wild start the red's came out before before three laps were completed. Followed by a 10 minute break to repair cars on track, the European got on it's way for a second time. Behind the leaders Martin Codling #30, Christiaan Smidt, World Champion Gordon Alexander #71, Gavin Botfield #303, Ronald van der Linden #57 and Dave Leech #928 were ready to take over. After the restart, Paul was leading with Christiaan on his rear bumper. William had dropped back to third. Following another restart, everything changed as Paul Wright was taken out by a lapped car which forced him to retire. Christiaan Smidt tried everything to keep Hardie behind him but with leaving a gap in turn 4, William could take over the lead. With all penalties taken in consideration The new European Champion was the man to cross the line as first, William Hardie from Scotland. Second spot was given to Gordon Alexander with Christian Smidt in third as the best Dutchman that evening.


On Race Sunday two qualifying heats determined the grid for the Dutch Open 2017. The first was won by Gavin Botfield #303, the second by Gordon Alexander #71. The line up saw newly crowned European Champion William Hardie #72 on Pole with Dave Leech #928 next to him. They were followed by Gavin Botfield #303, Martijn Vowinkel #22, Christiaan Smidt #84 and Martin Codling #30. William rushed in front and made it a Start-to Finish victory with runner up Dave Leech and Gavin Botfield.


With his son Charlie doing a superb job in Ninja karts too, Team Hardie has left some footprint in Holland.


NNO Ter Apel would like to thank all Drivers, Teams and Fans joining our Speedweekend and of course Spedeworth Motorsports for this opportunity.




All new grandstand in use for the first time


For Speedweekend 2017, NNO Ter Apel in association with the Ice skating community at Ter Apel Raceway, is ready to offer a fascinating new viewing spot. Exciting turn 2 on the short oval an all new grandstand is ready for our fans this coming weekend. The position will donate an excellent view for both layouts of "De Polderputten". With the European Championship of 2.0 Hot Rods, the new grandstand will be in use for the first time. So do arrive in time to grab a seat on our new Hotspot.

NNO Ter Apel - Speedweekend





Tyre allocation for Speedweekend 2nd & 3rd Setember


For this forthcoming event, two new tyres may be used.

Gordon Alexander World Champion 2017


Scotsman Gordon Alexander #71 is the new World Champion in 2litre Hotrods. Gordon kept runner up Dave Leech #928 and Wayne Woolsey #950 behind him to become the first ever 2.0 Hot Rod driver from Scotland to win the World title. 2litrehotrod.nl wants to concratulate Gordon and his team. We will all be delighted to see the Golden Roof in September at Ter Apel Raceway. Well done ! 



Photo courtesy of Brian Lammey and ASD Welding Services Ltd


2.0 Hot Rods Roof Grade Changes


Spedeworth / Incarace would like to announce that effective from the 1st August 2017 2.0 Hot Rod grades are to be displayed via the car roof fins and not the roof itself.


The fins must be as follows:

• Black numbers on White background
• Black numbers on Yellow background
• White numbers on Dark Blue background
• White numbers on Red background


The rear of the fin plate must be plain and white in colour.


The roof of a car cannot have a championship status unless the driver is the reigning champion and a roof colour has been designated to that championship e.g. Gold Roof denotes World Champion. No sign writing is permitted on the roof of the car displaying previous championship history which is no longer current e.g. the 2015 National Champion cannot display the fact of this in 2017.


It is hoped that this rule change will make it easier and more cost effective for drivers to alter their grade each month throughout the year.


Thank you, Spedeworth Motorsports.


(A translation (D/NL) is availible via our facebook account 2litrehotrod.nl




Daniel Bennet #745 is able to supply either fin's or sticker's only and can be contacted via facebook!


Ninja Karts to compete in Holland !


The Dutch Speedweekend 2017 will not only provide a high quality delegation of 2.0 UK Hot Rods fighting for the European Championship, but a group of Ninja Karts on track as well!


NNO Ter Apel in association with Spedeworth Motosports is delighted to offer the "Stars of the future" a weekend to remember. On September 2nd & 3rd, Kids aged between six and eleven years from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales will be able to compete at Ter Apel Raceway.



We would like to ask all parents to contact their regional promoters to check conditions for taking part. Continental Kids are welcome too of course but please consider that all karts have to attend according to the Spedeworth rulebook.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact NNO or 2litrehotrod.nl via Facebook Messenger by sending a private message or by mailing to info@ovalracing-terapel.nl.


Join us in Holland, it is going to be a great fun all weekend long. The European Championship and Dutch Open of 2litre Hotrods plus the Euromaster of National Hotrods will make this event one of a kind in Holland this season.


2litreHotrod.nl | NNO Ter Apel | Stan Libuda Autosportfotografie





National Championship 2017


The great UK Spedeweekend took place on July 1st & 2nd and provided two smashing heats and a feature race for the title.


National Championship Podium @ Foxhall Stadium on July 2nd :

Adam Best #959, William Hardie #72, Dan Smith #565 and Damon Wellmann #8

joined by the Spedeworth Girls


William Hardie #72 was the man to beat with Adam Best #959 as a runner up followed by Dan Smith #565 and Damon Wellman #8 in fourth. The Continental bunch couldn't make it into the Top 10. Christian Baer #351 scored a nice sixth place on Saturday an did not avoid any rubbin' throughout the heats. Bad luck for Southafrican Lady Daniella DeSousa getting t-boned after a spin and Luke Stonehouse not being able to finish due to a contact with George Turricki.


Special Thanks to #745 Daniel Bennet, not caring about his own car but helping to get the car of Southafrican Lady Daniella back on track after her crash. Daniel provided not only his help but a welding machine as well. Thumbs up!








Racing Lady from South Africa to join the National Championship Race


Daniella de Sousa from South Africa will take over the car from German driver Frank Nöhring to compete in Ipswich on July 1st & 2nd. The #116 Saxo has been built last winter and is using an Pinto engine from the main sponsor of the Dutch Open in September, Emming Motorentechniek.


Daniella ist racing 2litre Hot Rods and National Hotrods (2,1 formula) at P&B Lime Bredasdorp Raceway

located 150 miles south eastern from Capetown. We join her family, friends and everybody supporting her by wishing her all the best for Spedeweekend 2017!






Photo courtesy of CloudNr9 & Colin Brown


Information on Spedeweekend 2017






 NOV Lelystad June 18th


Ronald van der Linden #57 winning all three heats, Christiaan Smidt #84, Roland Sudniks #92 to follow on P2+P3 in the meeting final. Christiaan using the car he bought from the Champion of the World 2016, Dan Smith. Bad luck once again for Team #212 Jeroen Laurijssen when loosing another engine in the meeting final ranked third. The car of Matthias Albrecht has been sold to German ace Marcus Storb #226 who has competed in the Dutch BMW 325i Cup before. He hired the car from Helmut Laumen for the Posterholt meeting and got fascinated by racing a 2litre. A solid performance left smiling faces behind. This suits the youngsters as well with Niklas Klaka and Tom Weyers leading the board ahead of Frank Nöhring.

Great track, great racing. Ronald & Christiaan can be seen at the Spedeweekend @ Foxhall ! Meet us there, it is going to be great fun along the National Championship race of the 2.0 Hot Rods.





NNO Ter Apel in association with Spedeworth Motorsports is delighted to announce the continental drivers for the National Championship 2litre Hot Rod at the Ipswich Spedeweekend!


1 & 2 july – Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich – 2.0 Hotrod National Championship


#57 Ronald van der Linden – The Netherlands
#84 Christiaan Smidt – The Netherlands
#90 Dirk Albrecht - Germany
#93 Klaus Kilianski - Germany
#351 Christian Baer - Germany


And South African lady driver Z29 Daniella de Sousa will compete in Frank Nöhring’s #116 Citroen Saxo


Good luck to all drivers, we hope to meet many Dutch and German fans at Foxhall Stadium!





NNO Ter Apel June 11th


With Gerton Boes being the man of the day in the prior meeting, potential buyers would knew that the #333 car is able to go for the win. Christiaan Smidt from Nijmegen in Holland grabbed the chance to own this car and got his hands on it just hours before the meeting. There had been no time to change anything and so the former F2 ace did not even have the chance to put his proper number on the car.


Christiaan has been racing in Stockrods before switching to Brisca F2 Stockcars recently. He is having lots of experience in ovalracing which he proved when racing in a car anti-clockwise for the first time.


The day went well for Christiaan with having to start from the back of the grid as a Rookie. In the meeting final a huge collision took out several cars and Christiaan managed to cross the line as second. The first car got a cross making Christiaan Smidt the winner in his inaugural meeting final of 2litre Hotrods.


The family from Nijmegen will get another 2litre Hot Rod soon to form a two car team : The Saxo of raigning Champion of the World : Dan Smith #565.





NNO Ter Apel, May 25th.


On Thursday, May 25th, the 2litre aces had a beautiful sunny day with a huge crowd to watch them. In the first heat, driver's had to cope with a dusty track due to heavy winds ahead of the meeting. Mario Baer got involved in a crash innocently and had to retire for the day. Later, Jeroen Laurijssen clipped the wall of Raceway Ter Apel which caused problems for him as well. Man of the day has truly been Dutchman Gerton Boes in his #333 machine. He was able to win the heats and the meeting final.


In June, the 2litre fan community is able to see two more meetings before we head to Ipswich. On June 11th. Ter Apel Raceway will host the third round of the Dutch Championship. This event will include a massive 50 car field of Bangerstox trying to make contact where ever they can. Don't miss this spectacle!


One week later, the 2.0's can be seen in Lelystad for the second time this year. This meeting will count for the Dutch 2litre series. Midland Raceway always provides excellent racing!


The first weekend in July will be the first of many Highlights in the 2017 season. Foxhall Heath is the place to be. Beside the World Final of the Nationals, the 2litre Hotrods will fight for the National Championship trophy which is there for more than 30 years. It is the third ranked trophy in the world of Spedeworth Oval Racing...



Bright sunshine supports thrilling heats on May 14th @ PAC Posterholt


Excellent Racing in all three heats on a dry track having 13 cars booked in for this meeting.


With new gradings, the cars of Dirk Albrecht #6, Jeroen Laurijssen #212 and Ronald van der Linden #57 started with a yellow top and should be the cars mostly seen at front in the heats. As fighting for the lead, Dirk Albrecht #90 and Christian Baer #351 could easily catch up the top three. After they had passed the #57, Ronald dropped back into the next fighting zone lead by Roland Sudniks #92 and Mario Baer #291 on rank 6+7. Frank Noehring #116 clipped his rear bumper on the boarding and had to retire. Christian Baer's Corsa-B seemed to run a perfect setup for the outside line and he passed all three cars ahead to win heat No. 1 followed by Jeroen Laurijssen and Matthias Albrecht. Dirk Albrecht had to retire too as clipping the outside barrier with his left front.






In the second heat Jeroen Laurijssen #212 did not wait but took over the lead right away from Matthias Albrecht. Ronald van der Linden could pass the #9 as well and lead group of 5 cars ranked 2-6. Frank Noehring got his car repaired in time and finished in a strong third place behind heat winner Jeroen Laurijssen and Ronald van der Linden.




In the meeting final it was a drag race of the two yellow tops Jeroen Laurijssen and Ronald van der Linden #57 into the first corner. Jeroen managed to pass Ronald a few laps later and grabbed another victory, Ronald coming home in second just ahead of heat one winner Christian Baer.

Points after this event can be found left in the column. Thx to PAC Posterholt for the warm welcome and Mirella & Carlo for joining our photo's!






2.0 Hotrods face a season with the European Championship in Ter Apel


With only a couple of days before the season starts on the Easter Weekend, the 2litre Hotrods are keen on getting temperature in their tyres finally. After a long winter break, these RHD cars are already entering the fourth season in Holland. This formula having it's origin on the Short Ovals in the UK has found many new fans. They are used to see the cars race clockwise in Holland. As the cars are the same on both sides of the Channel, there have been many chances for drivers to compete in the UK likewise in Holland. The close relationship between Spedeworth Motorsports and NNO Ter Apel has created numerous of thrilling events. Beside the National Championship in 2014, the Dutch Open has claimed a spot in the fixture list ever since the first running in 2013.


This year a 20+ car field is likely to hit the tarmac in Holland. Several new drivers like Richard Gerrits from Vroomshoop and several new cars like the UK built Saxo of German Frank Nöhring will bring joy to all spectators.


In 2017 the World Championship will be held in Ireland on the Tullyroan Oval on July 22nd & 23rd. The European Championship in Ter Apel on Sept. 2nd & 3rd indicates that 2litre-Hotrod-Racing has become an International formula! The 2017 Speedweekend is likely to see a record making number of UK entries racing the German and Dutch drivers for the European title.


The UK drivers are taking the trip to Holland very serious in the meantime and so the third ranked driver of the Dutch Open 2016 will make his appearance this coming weekend. Dave Leech in his #928 Saxo will try to gain more valuable tracktime in Holland giving him an advantage for the European in fall. He is going to face strong contenders like raining Champion Mario Baer from Moenchengladbach.


Easter Weekend will provide excellent 2.0 Hotrod Racing, so join us in Ter Apel on Sunday 16th. Racing will start at 12:00h. Prior to raceday there is an opportunity for a free run in Saturday's practice 14:00-17:00h.


On Monday 17th you are able to see these cars on Raceway Venray as well with the green flag shown for the first time at 12:00h.





NNO Ter Apel (in association with Spedeworth Motorsports) is delighted to announce the first UK visitor for both of the 2.0 Hotrod meetings held on April 16th & 17th, which is the Easter Weekend.


These two events are the official season openers at Raceway Ter Apel and Raceway Venray.



It will be Dave Leech in his #928 RCE Saxo making the trip to Holland not only in September to compete in the European Championship of 2litre Hot Rods but as well to get in some laps on the Continent while the Easter Weekend. Ranked third in the Dutch Open 2016, Dave has shown the he is capable to run fast on the Dutch Paperclip in Ter Apel. The different layout in Venray next day is a challenge. Dave will be the first UK driver to enter a 2litre Hotrod meeting on Raceway Venray.


Don't miss this spectacular weekend :


Saturday, April 16th :

Free practice Raceway Ter Apel (13:00-17:00h)


Sunday, April 16th :

Season Opener NNO Ter Apel


Monday, April 17th :

Raceway Venray, 2nd Round Dutch 2litre Series

Practice laps are availible prior to the races between 9:00-11:00h

Including the practice on saturday afternoon it’s an full weekend of racing in the Netherlands. Join us, it will be a great fun! If you require any further information or you want to compete as well, please contact us!

Midland Raceway Lelystad March 19th


NOV Lelystad has been the host of the first tarmac event in Holland for the 2017 season.


A nice line up of seven cars saw three different winners in the heats. The weather was not too bad. The heavy rain stopped at noon and the track dried out soon with every heat being raced.

In heat one, Roland Sudniks #92 had his mirrors full of the #212 car driven by Jeroen Laurijssen but kept it together until the chequered was shown.

Heat two saw Jeroen in front finding a way to pass the #92 car when there was a little gap in turn 3.

But the day did not end as expected for the winner of the second heat. In the early stages of the meeting final, his engine blew on the home straight and left a huge hole in the engine block.

It was German ace Frank Noehring #116 in his all new Saxo to earn the first big win in 2017. As collecting the most points regarding all heats, he will be the first leader of the Championship 2017. Roland Sudniks in second and Tom Weyers #97 as third lined up with Gridgirl Dana.

Next event will be the Easter Weekend Doubleheader Ter Apel 16th and Venray 17th April.





Practice sessions 2017

Before the season kicks off, there are several opportunities to get the cars in line. The first chance to get temperature in the tyres will be at Midland Raceway Lelystad on Sunday March 5th.

A fourtnight later, NOV Lelystad will host the first round of 2litre Hot Rod Racing in 2017 on this very track. The points earned are counting for the Dutch 2litre Series. With only eight events (2 on each of the Dutch tracks) to count, a high number of cars is expected to show up in the early stages of the season.

Raceway Ter Apel is offering two practice afternoons in April. The sessions are on April 8th and April 15th (prior to raceday). On these saturdays Racetrack "De Polderputten" will be open for all formulas and public (Free admission) from 13:00h.

Ter Apel Speedweekend 2017

Join the biggest Hot Rod event in Holland for decades en visit the Speedweekend 2017 in Ter Apel. Beside the fourth running of the Dutch Open the feature race of 2nd & 3rd September will probably be the European Championship Race. Make it a weekend to remember for you, family and friends in Ter Apel.


Raceway Ter Apel in January, too cold and too wet to race but not cold enough to skate..



      Frank Noehring presents his new car at the NEC




With delight we are looking forward to the 2017 season. The first appetizer has truly been the NEC exhibition Motorsport International 12.-15.01.2017. Beside the motorsport from the Circuit tracks, this exhibition is a showcase for our sport as well.

Lots of new cars are presented to media and fans for the first time before the start their career on the short ovals. One of the highlights has been the new car of German ace Frank Noehring from Recklinghausen.

"The Gambler" decided to go for a new car. His all new Saxo was built over the last month in the SRP show located in Stithians Lake, Cornwall. Owner Mark Sear and Frank have been friends for a long time and installed all the bits and pieces to make the #116 competitive on a very high level. Power supply will be the green top Pinto engine from Emming Motorentechniek in Ter Apel. With two month to go before the season in Holland will be kicked off on April 16th, they will use every chance to get some practice in for the Saxo.

he main aim for the 2017 season is probably to get the car perfect for the European Championship. This major event will be held for the very first time on the continent on Sept. 2nd & 3rd. NNO Ter Apel is the host for the Speedweekend.

Please visit our photo gallery to get the NEC sphere. Martin Kingston of www.mkpics.net has provided some images of the 2litre cars displayed at the Motorsport International.  NEC 2017 Photolink





Racing Expo 2017 Leeuwaarden


Leeuwarden, located in North Holland, was be the place to be. Two weeks after the NEC, Dutch fans had made their way to the Racing Expo. On January 28th & 29th. lots of cars from Ovalracing will were displayed or raced in the Live Action Arena. NNO Ter Apel has been on site as well including the fantastic 2litre Hot Rod from #212 Jeroen Laurijssen.