2.0 Hotrod Racing Holland




Dave Leech to leave a huge impression on his visit to Holland

and wins meeting final on Monday with a track record lap at Raceway Venray


Ter Apel Raceway, Sunday 16th

A very nice line up of 16 cars made the spectators forget about the weather. All heats were raced under wet conditions and did not make it easy to race on the Dutch Paperclip. Ter Apel Raceway was host of the first part of racing on the Easter weekend. The first heat had several cars spun out due to the slippery surface. It was won by Dirk Albrecht in his #90 Nova. The second heat was all in the hands of our guest from the UK, #928 Dave Leech. His car has improved a lot since his last appearance while the Dutch Open 2016 in which he ended third. The new JB engine and a perfect Setup made him see the chequered as first. In the meeting final 2014+2015 Continental Champion Martijn Vowinkel proved his skills in the wet and crossed the line as first. The second spot had been in several hands before, but Dave Leech stormed up all the way from the back of the grid and managed to pass Dirk Albrecht and Frank Noehring #116 both on the outside under wet conditions. He only came a few laps short to fight Martijn as well and so ended as a well deserved second. This put him ahead with only one point to Dirk Albrecht with all three heats in the book. Behind the first three, Niklas Klaka scored very good in all heats. Bad luck for the 2016 Champion Mario Baer #291 with a broken suspension in heat one and for Frank Noehring spun out to the infield in heat two.


The points for Easter Sunday, April 16th were :


57 pts Dave Leech #928
56 pts Dirk Albrecht #90
51 pts Martijn Vowinkel #22
50 pts Niklas Klaka #51
41 pts Christian Baer #351











Raceway Venray Monday 17th

Raceway Venray located in Limburg (NL) has been the host of the second part of the Dutch Eastern competition. The fast and demanding track is quite different to Ter Apel Raceway's layout on which cars had been racing just 15 hours before. The weather was fine on Sunday 17th all day with heavy winds but sunshine throughout all heats. The drivers were able to get in some useful practice time, especially for Dave Leech #928. After his stunning performance on Sunday 16th with winning a heat and becoming second in the meeting final, he now had to face an unknown track. Dave is the first ever 2litre Hot Rod driver from the UK to make an appearance to Raceway Venray. 16 cars were booked in for this meeting. Already in the first heat the crowd in the grandstands was able to enjoy an outstanding and thrilling day for the "small" Hot Rods. The track suits these cars very good an so laptimes of the frontrunners are just around 0,5/sec slower than the National Hotrods! After going past Roland Sudniks, the two youngsters Niklas Klaka #51 and Tom Weyers #97 were racing each other hard and fair for the lead. Their fight made it easy for Martijn Vowinkel #22 and Dave Leech #928 to catch up with the two. With the laps counting down these four cars could have been covered by a towel easily, racing two wide. The following fotofinish was won by Tom Weyers making his dad Guenter very happy too. Niklas Klaka as a runner up and Dave Leech made the top three. In the early stages of heat two Dave Leech, Martijn Vowinkel and Frank Noehring #116 were on the move from back to front. As they reached the White/Yellow top youngsters it was Dave to make the right choices to grab a prestigious win. In the meeting final white top Niklas Klaka became the first leader. Behind Jeroen Laurijjsen #212 and Tom Weyers, Dave Leech had already found a way to pass Martijn Vowinkel and Frank Noehring. The #928 car was flying and passed one after the other to grab the lead and see the chequered as first. Niklas Klaka came home in second and Jeroen Laurijssen received the trophy for a nice third finish in the bar later. 2litreHotrod.nl would like to thank all drivers but especially Dave Leech with his family and friends for his attendance to the Easter races in Holland. He left some impression by ending twice on top of the day's points score, winning heats on both days and the meeting final at Raceway Venray. To round it up nicely he set a new track record for 2litre Hotrods at Raceway Venray in the penultimate lap of the meeting final.


The points score for Easter Monday, April 16th were :


58 pts Dave Leech #928
55 pts Niklas Klaka #51
53 pts Tom Weyers #97
52 pts Martijn Vowinkel #22
46 pts Mario Baer #291